Guide to Squad Leader on the Internet

Welcome to the start page. This page is meant to provide the most important items that anyone needs to get started playing Squad Leader in the international, internet Squad Leader gaming community. The items listed below on the left will direct you to internet resources that you will find to be very helpful, whether you are a newcomer to the game, a returnee to the game, or consider yourself to be an experienced Squad Leader.

The right column offers an overview of the site structure and offerings. Not a true site map, but just follow the NAVIGATION BUTTOMS in the top banner to the location(s) of your current interest. Since this is a game support site (unofficial), please offer your opinion and/or input so that it can serve our community even better! See "Contact Us" for a listing of those who have helped already! -- Alan Yngve

Talking about the Squad Leader system
A conversation between Jack Wingard and Alan Yngve

Getting Started
  1. Join the SL Mailing List: One of the best ways of learning of activities within the Internet community of Squad Leader players (besides visiting this site!) is to join the automated SL Mailing List, do this by emailing the list manager Eric Pass or visiting the list web page. A great added feature of this list is that all messages that are delivered to you will have "SL List" added to the subject line. You'll always know when you are getting mail about SL!

  2. Play by E-mail Sequence of Play: Although the SL Sequence of Play involves a seemingly complex set of eight different phases in each turn, some of them involving both players. Many players have figured out how you can combine these to maintain the spirit of the game system with "only" three mailings per player turn. Here is a description of this process.

  3. Online Squad Leader: Squad Leader can now be played by email and/or online using a freeware gaming assistant program called VASSAL, designed by Rodney Kinney. VASSAL is a Java-engine that supports game modules for many different games, for our community the module is called VSQL (Virtual SQuad Leader). This gaming assistant will run on any computer operating system and is greatly assisting our Squad Leader community. A collection of scenario set up files are available!
    VASSAL/VSQL Survival Guide how to get started, by Scott Bramley

  4. On-line and Email play etiquette: (coming)

  5. Join the SL Ladder: First and foremost the Internet Squad Leader Ladder is a forum to encourage the active internet play of Squad Leader (and expansion gamettes CoI, CoD, and GI:AoV) among all interested SL gamers around the world. If you're looking for someone to play face to face, find your Regional SL contact.

  6. Viewable Q&A file (Word Document): This Q&A consists of official questions and answers that have appeared in The General, in Squad Leader and the 3 expansion gamettes, and also include contributions from people who have sent answers they received from Avalon Hill or Multi-Man Publishing.

  7. What to do if you are looking for a copy of SL? The best current source is eBay or convention auctions. For SL look for fourth edition rules. For CoI look for 3rd or 4th edition rules. Once you have your copy, check the link on our "links" page for the contents that you should have. New Boards? These are all available from MMP, also see our "links" page.

  8. Once you have all of the items you need, on to some fun! Look at the "Tactical Training Series" of scenarios that are published on this site. Good fun is to be had for all players, from beginner to experienced. All this and more, click on the Scenarios button, the Tactics button, or the other navigation buttoms and you'll be on your way!

  9. And most importantly: Enjoy the game of Squad Leader!

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