TTS Game Set Two Introduction

TTS GAME SET TWO comprises scenarios Delta (Back to the Sea), Epsilon (Tanker Delight) and Zeta (Hitting the Wall). This set of scenarios challenges the Squad Leader to explore the implications of initial battlefield deployment. This is the next big hurdle to tactical success in the Squad Leader system, since most SL scenarios will challenge the defender, and to a lesser extent the attacker, to find an initial deployment that will meet the immediate tactical requirements while avoiding the "mistakes" that lead to undesired casualties! These three scenarios introduce the American GI while completing the introduction of most vehicle issues via smaller incremental steps. They also introduce all of the varying types of fortifications available in the basic Squad Leader system. As an added touch, an effort has been made to use appropriate tactical formation terms from each combatant's language. -- Alan Yngve

Scenario Delta (Back to the Sea)

Scenario Epsilon (Tanker Delight)

Scenario Zeta (Hitting the Wall)