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Not all of the scenarios presented here are provided after receiving prior permission, although they have at least been made available to at our community of gamers at a convention or conventions. Those here by permission are generally web-published scenario designs.

If you have a scenario that you would like to publish here on, consider having it playtested through the playtest page first. In either case, please email Alan Yngve to discuss the best route to take. For information on scenarios currently in playtest, visit the playtest pages here.

A note on scenario use: As with all scenarios on, please limit
your use to personal purposes and ALWAYS give credit to the scenario designer for his/her
efforts! Links to this site are welcomed, copying and re-publishing on a different site are not.

(Lars Raeder Clausen, 199x)
[half board 3, SIX turns, Germans attack Russians]
Stovgorod, November 7th, 1941: The remains of the 308th Rifle Division has come to Stovgorod after a heavy beating near Minsk. While awaiting reinforcements or an order to withdraw further, they are assaulted by a group of the 271th Infantry Division, acting mostly on their own. [See TTS Beta!]
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(Lars Raeder Clausen, 199x)
[board 4, TEN turns, Russians attack Germans]
Near Kijev, October 16th, 1941: In the fast-moving German offensive in fall '41, huge pockets of Russian infantry were often cut off by relatively small German forces supported by armor. In one such pocket west of Kijev, a batallion discovered a weak point in the German ring and decided to make a run for it. Since the German armor would be arriving shortly after the breakout had started, the Russians would have preciously little to get out.
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(Lars Raeder Clausen, 199x)
[bds 2 & 3, SIX turns, Germans "attack" Russians]
Near Kharkov, May 26th 1942: During a period of little activity on the Kharkov front, a group of German trucks and halftracks took the wrong road when going to relieve some of the front personnel. Undetectedly crossing the frontline, they drove on for some time before realising their error when stumbling upon some Russian vehicles. By that time, the troops in the last village they had passed were beginning to realise who *really* had passed, and set up to stop them from returning.
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*CL01: WAVE ATTACK (Jeff Clark, 1981)
[Bds 3 & 4, FOUR turns, Russians(bid) attack Germans]
July, 1943: Designed for an SL tournament at the Chicago Wargamer's Association, 1981 Spring Game Fest. Players bid for the number of Russian 447s to use in the attack.
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GM01: SL Tournament Scenario (Greg Mocek, 198x?)
[two Board 4s, SIX turns, Germ/Russ meeting engagement]
Armor-supported infantry meeting engagement. Provision to bid for supplemental purchases (page 28) to play the German side. Uses rules through SL#3 plus rubble and fires.
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un01: PODOLSK (from Pacific Origins, 1981)
designer unknown; please email Alan Yngve if you know!
[Board 3, EIGHT turns, Germans attack HIP Russians]
Podolsk, November 25, 1941: Hypothetical situation near Moscow during operation Typhoon. The German offensive had cracked the initial line of Russian fortifications surrounding Moscow. The Russians threw in remnants of 28th Rifle division to hold the Germans until Siberian troops could arrive from front reserve around Moscow This scenario depicts a typical Russian holding situation just outside of Podolsk.
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