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Squad Leader Grand Tactical Series Scenarios

The Grand Tactical Series of scenarios is a "step up" to larger situations than presented by the "Tactical Training Series" (TTS). These scenarios are designed to have up to battalion (or equivalent) forces, a battalion typically having three or four companies at full organizational strength. These scenarios are also longer (have more turns) and on larger board areas than the TTS scenarios. Although it is not possible to force Squad Leader deployment by company, support weapons and leaders provided have been selected in ways that might encourage this to some extent. The four scenarios provide for the Germans attacking both the Americans and the Russians, as well as the Russians and Americans each attacking the Germans.

The Grand Tactical Series continues some of the aspects that are introduced in the TTS scenarios. Each GTS scenario has four levels of complexity providing play alternatives within the same general situation, with consistent Victory Conditions and Board Configurations. All of the GTS scenarios also make fairly extensive use of Scenario Special Rules (SSR). Although this is often a disadvantage, SSR use here is meant to do a couple things: one is to demonstrate the range of modifications that can be used by a designer, one is to create representations of tactical situations that one can read about but not play within the original rules set, and finally, all of these scenarios represent situations that I have dreamed of being able to play for many years. The GTS scenarios give me the opportunity to share these dreams with all of you. I hope they bring some gaming excitement to you, too!

Basic GTS requirements in all cases are: board configurations that permit the use of maneuver as a viable tactical alternative, situations where deployment choices will be significant during play, situations where there will be many short-term tactical decisions that are mixed with the need for multi-turn plan implementation, and Victory Conditions that are fairly simple to identify but complex to achieve. Above all else, it is intended that these scenarios will immerse both players in the different, specific challenges of the army that they must command. Like the TTS scenarios, the GTS scenarios represent, rather than replicate, historical events.
-- Alan Yngve

A note on scenario use: As with all scenarios on, please limit
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GTS1: MIRNAYA DERVNYA (v1.4, Alan Yngve, 2000)

[boards 3 & 4, SEVEN turns, Germans attack Russians]
Minrnaya Derevnya, October 1942: In the open regions of Russia, towns became almost the only important geographical features worth fighting over. Once the Russians stopped retreating, these road intersections and locations of shelter, became valuable to both the Russians and the Germans. Here, the Germans make an effort to capture Mirnaya Derevnya before approaching Russian reinforcements can stop them. In the grand tradition of SL#3 (Stalingrad), this scenario combines the first three TTS scenarios, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
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GTS2: DORSALE STOP (in playtest)

[boards 2 & 4, unknown turns, Germans attack Americans]
Tunisia, February 1943: An American Infantry Company deploys a hasty defense at an isolated pass in Tunisia. Discovering this deployment late, a German Panzer Grenedier unit is dispatched to clear the pass so that a supply convoy can reach the German forces already on the other side. Extensive terrain Special Scenario Rules
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GTS3: BIG GUNS (in playtest)

[bds 2, 3 & 4?, unknown turns, Russians attack Germans]
Russia, Summer 1943: A massive Russian infantry assault supported by heavy Assault Guns comes over the ridge and into the German-held village.
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GTS4: AACHEN (preliminary design only)

[two bd 1 & bd 3, unknown turns, Americans attack Germans]
Aachen, Germany; October 14-15, 1944: This scenario concept will provide a major expansion on scenario AY04 (Aachen Redoubt) with a simplified defensive configuration algorithm that will speed German defensive set up and play.
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