Scenario Playtesting encourages everyone to develop their own scenario designs and to make the effort to work with others in the community to remove all presentation and rules bugs from their designs. Further effort to playtest for balance (best replay value if between 60-40 and 40-60), usually involving the assurance of no "sure win" tactic or "trick" for one of the combatants.

The scenarios presented below are offered to the community for playtesting, to solve any and all of the potential problems mentioned above. Once a design has been tested to the satisfaction of the scenario creator (or converter), the scenario may be web-published on the scenario pages.

If you have a design, we will assist the playtesting process by posting a summary here with an email link to you, maintaining your rights of authorship throughout. We also ask everyone in the community, from the absolute beginner to those with much experience, to help playtest and/or proofread one of these new scenarios being developed. Sometimes beginners can have the most helpful comments about how to better present a situation so that confusion is avoided, so everyone should be willing to play, proof-read, and/or analyze!

To volunteer to test a scenario: e-mail the designer listed after the scenario you are interested in playtesting.

To submit a scenario for this page: email Alan Yngve with a summary description like those you see here.

Playtesting Procedure: Since using the web for playtesting involves the distribution of scenario versions that have not yet been finalized, each playtester should contact the scenario designer directly with the understanding that they should not distribute the draft scenario until playtesting has been completed to the satisfaction of the designer.

SL Scenario Playtests
Sorted by size, smallest to largest.

CoI, CoD, GI Scenario Playtests
Sorted by size, smallest to largest.

CONVOY ATTACK by Chuck Morford;
details pending

BREEDING CHAOS by Alan Yngve; near Kharkov, February 1943 (v2.0)
Boards 2 and 4, SIX AND 1/2 TURNS. With the provision of two starting forces and three reinforcement forces, the last two with tanks; both sides are encouraged to make two rapid assaults in Russian/German/Russian/German sequence. Non-stop action in the fight over five single-hex buildings!

Tactical Training Series
Zeta: HITTING THE WALL by Alan Yngve; Germany: December 1944 (v1.3)
Half of boards 2 and 3, FIVE TURNS. American Company of 666s with OBA and mobile reinforcements attacking entrenched German force with Wire holding the road through the Board 2 hill gap (TTS substitute for SL Scenario 9).
-- Zeta-0 and Zeta-1: completed
-- Zeta-2: Current Playtest (adds Bunkers, 847 squads)
-- Zeta-3: for later definition

Grand Tactical Series
GTS2: DORSALE STOP by Alan Yngve; Tunisia: February 1943 (v1.0)
Boards 2 and 4, SIX TURNS. Germans mounted in HTs attacking American company with 666s to permit a convoy to cross the board area. All woods are "low scrub" that significantly adds to available LOS.
-- Level-0: Current Playtest (first of four levels)

Grand Tactical Series
GTS3: THE BIG GUNS by Alan Yngve; Central Russia, November, 1943 (v1.1a)
Boards 2, 3, and 4; SEVEN TURNS. Thirty-five Russian squads with SU152/SU122 support attacking from ridge into town defended by fanatic, concealed Germans with ATGs and pre-registered artillery by SSR.
-- Level-0: Current Playtest (first of four levels)

ESCAPE FROM STALINGRAD by Eric Storch; Stalingrad, Russia, October 1942 (v1.0)
Half of board 1, SIX TURNS. A surrounded German force must escape from a burned out factory building. Sewer movement is encouraged. Inspired by the feature film "Stalingrad."

STORM THE VILLAGE by Eric Storch; Western Russia, May 1940 (v1.0)
Board 3, SIX TURNS. A weakened Russian force (with horses) attacks German forces that are defending a small village. Reinforcements are available once for each side.

WG202: JAHDE'S TIGERS by Pete Pollard v2.0, East of Lake Peipus, September 23, 1943
Boards 3 and 4, SIX TURNS. The Russians have displaced the Germans from the Narva line, but now their advance is slowed by a series of delaying actions. Units of the 2nd Shock Army come headlong into elements of the 11th SS "Nordland" in a perimeter defense around yet another Russian village, this time with Tiger tanks coming to assist.

ACROSS THE DON by Alan Page; The Stalingrad front, 22 November 1942
Boards 2 and 4. TEN TURNS. At a crucial bridge across the Don, near the closing pincers, Sgt Weidemann mistakes five T-34's for some captured tanks, and waves them over the bridge. On the other side, they fan out and open fire, and wait for their reinforcements. All hell breaks loose. The Russians face fierce counterattacks from the high west bank and the nearby garrison at Kalach. Can they hold out long enough? Both sides pray for divebomber support (and throw some dice for it!), whilst throwing tanks, mortars, infantry and AT guns into the fray.

ASL>SL Conversion Playtests

ASL>CoI+ Conversion Playtests

BLOODY HARVEST conversion by Kevin Thatcher
details pending

STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND conversion of ASL75? by Atle Reigstad: Near Narvik, May 1940
Halfs of boards 18 and 22; EIGTH TURNS. French Foreign Legion assaults the hidden German mountaintroops in a Norwegian Army depot. A battalion of elite troops against a dug-in elite platoon with a platoon reinforcement. Some armor support for the french Legionaires. Blood and snow!