We need YOUR input!

Help in the preparatoion for "Online Tactics Forum #5"

Examine this situation and email ALAN YNGVE with the defensive MG deployment that you like BEST and the one that you like LEAST.

These choices (votes) will be compiled and the "winning" defensive choice will be used in the evaluative testing session on April 22, 2006.

Below are the five choices (you may also use the VSQL file, download from here):

#1: (Blue) z1=HMG, z5=MMG
#2: (Brown) z5=HMG, aa9=MMG

#3: (Blue) n0=HMG, m9=MMG
#4: (Brown) n3=HMG, n6=MMG
#5: (Green) n6=HMG, o1=MMG


Creating mutually supporting positions.

The initial set up challenge, take the provided forces (American 9-2/9-1/5x666/HMG/MMG) and set up anywhere west of hexrow AA (inclusive) on board provided.

BOARD 2 with NO hills (# in southwest corner).

German set up: East of American forces, beyond normal range of all American squads OR not in LOS of American forces (enter from off-board, if necessary).

Germans move first.

Turn length: Number of hexes from western-most American MG and western-most German unit divided by three (round to nearest whole number).

Victory Condition: To win the Germans, with an all-infantry force equal to 800 points (page 28), must have half of all remaining good order infantry west of the western-most US MG set up hex (mark this hex with a "V" counter prior to play.