Help Us Help Monkeys!


After many hours of obsessive research, Adam and I have decided upon our next volunteer experience. In February, we will be spending two weeks at Paseo Los Monos. This rustic rescue center, set deep in the rainforest of Ecuador, provides a sanctuary for more than 65 orphaned and abused monkeys, as well as a number of coatis, turtles, parrots, and whatever other animals turn up needing care. Most of these animals have been victims of animal trafficking that runs rampant in Ecuador.

Little Gigi enjoys breakfast
Species intermingling
  We will spend two weeks feeding and exercising the monkeys (some of which you see on this page), tending to their medical needs, and helping to build new enclosures around the sanctuary. We are so excited to give to these delighful creatures— and the caring people who provide a home for them— our time and effort.  
Bougi having a reflective moment
A coati snuggling the sanctuary dog
  We are also hoping to bring with us a significant donation. We will donate $100 of our own money, and we are hoping to quintupal that through small donations from people who would like to contribute to the welfare of these wonderful animals.  
Lovely Lisa
Wooly monkey chows down

Any amount that you choose to donate brings us closer to our goal, and helps to keep a monkey in food and medical care. Even $5 or $10 is a great help. You can track our progress below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

With great thanks, Adam Lennard and Karen Slavick-Lennard