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"The cruel irony here is that the people whom we're looking for, the actual terrorists, will easily be able to evade the system by identity theft ..."

Read the Government Accounting Office's critical report at,  For more concerns, see this page on the website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco organization concerned about technology-related civil-liberties issues--

Christian Science Monitor
from the October 21, 2003 edition -

Passenger tracking at airports on hold

Carriers say system will violate privacy, without increasing safety significantly.

By Alexandra Marks | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

The complete article is currently (4/5/04) available on the Monitor's website at-- [found through a Google search by article title on the date above]


... The CAPPS II system ... will take four pieces of passenger information - name, address, telephone number, and itinerary - and run them through government and private computer systems, to track things like driver's licenses, credit, and other types of information stored in cyberspace. CAPPS II will then assign each flyer a color - Green to go, Yellow for extra scrutiny, and Red for stop - you don't even get to buy a ticket.

Initially, the TSA said this information would be used only to track terrorists. Later, it decided that it could also be used to ferret out any lawbreaker. That caused an uproar and TSA backed down. It's now saying CAPPS II will track only terrorists and violent criminals with outstanding arrest warrants. ...

"The cruel irony here is that the people whom we're looking for, the actual terrorists, will easily be able to evade the system by identity theft," [the ACLU's Barry Steinhardt] says. "The four pieces of information required are easily obtained on the Internet on virtually every American for $35. Another six or seven hundred dollars will get you a legitimate appearing ID on the black market." That's less than a thousand dollars, not a lot of money for someone bent on blowing up a multi-million dollar airline, he notes.... | Copyright 2003  

Seattle Times
Friday, March 26, 2004, 12:00 A.M. Pacific

Travel Wise / Carol Pucci
It pays to stay grounded when traveling by air

The complete article is currently (4/5/04) available on the Seattle Times website at--


Color-coded by risk [CAPPS II]

... Testing of CAPPS II, the latest version of the Computer-Assisted Passenger Pre-Screening System, won't start this spring as planned, and it's doubtful the system will be in place by year's end.

A group of congressional members, the American Civil Liberties Union and others called for a halt to CAPPS II after an investigation by the Government Accounting Office concluded that TSA has so far failed to come up with a plan that is technically reliable and protects travelers' rights. ...

The GAO report found that the TSA had not satisfied seven of eight concerns raised by Congress about CAPPS II, including how to ensure the accuracy of data, fix mistakes, prevent computer hacking or create an appeals process. ...

'Trusted travelers'

Congress has set aside $5 million for a TSA test of a "trusted-traveler" program that would allow business travelers and other frequent fliers to move through security faster in exchange for volunteering personal information to the government.

A pilot program could begin in June and would likely last three months. TSA is not saying what information it might want. One possibility is the use of biometric identification systems for fingerprints, facial and iris-recognition or some combination.

"The biggest misconception is that people won't have to go through the checkpoints," Marty said. "That's untrue." Just how the program might save time is yet to be determined. Privacy advocates argue that it would create two classes of travelers and would have no security benefits. ...


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