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The "No Child Left Behind" Act is both deeply flawed and underfunded.  The "education miracle" of the Houston school district--the model for the Act--turned out to be a hoax.  And the superindentent who presided over this hoax is now Bush's Secretary of Education.

New York Times
October 21, 2003

Bait-and-Switch on Public Education

The complete article is currently (3/27/04) available at--

Opening words--

Congressional Republicans are nervous about a G.O.P. poll that shows them losing ground over education. But how could voters not be disappointed by the Bush administration's mishandling of education policy generally, and especially its decision to withhold more than $6 billion from the landmark No Child Left Behind Act, the supposed centerpiece of the administration's domestic policy?  ...

 2003 The New York Times Company

Santa Monica Mirror

The Kids Left Behind

Bob Herbert
New York Times News Service

The complete article is currently (3/27/04) available on the Santa Monica Mirror website at--
Opening words--

He was going to be the education president, and during the campaign in 2000 he hugged kids from coast to coast, crowing about the education miracle in Texas and promising to spread the Texas model nationwide.
   He said he was a different kind of Republican, a man of honor and compassion who would look out for the kids.
   It was all smoke, of course — photo-ops in a cynical campaign. ...

As for the Texas education miracle - more smoke. The largest and most frequently praised district, Houston, is being monitored by the state after an audit showed that more than half of the 5,500 students who left school in the 2000-2001 year should have been counted as dropouts, but were not. 
   President Bush was apparently serious about bringing the Texas model to the nation. He made the superintendent of the Houston school district the nation’s education secretary

Copyright 2004 by Santa Monica Mirror.  All rights reserved. 

 2003 The New York Times Company

October 2, 2003

Nancy A. Allen: No Child Left Behind Act demands the impossible

By Nancy A. Allen

The complete article is currently (3/27/04) available on the website at--

Opening words--

Suppose we had laws that required that every automobile sold be defect-free; that every person who entered a hospital be cured; or that every individual be thin, healthy and cavity-free. Furthermore, suppose we attached sanctions to these laws, perhaps in the form of fines for individuals or threats of government takeover or the replacement of all employees for businesses.

No one would seriously consider such foolish laws. Yet the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act has public school targets that are equally absurd. ...

Nancy A. Allen lives in Cottage Grove and serves on the Monona Grove School Board.

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