News and Opinion for Democrats Against Bush -- Part II
Corporate Interests Are Distorting U.S. Policies
BUSH and the MEDIA
-- Gay Rights
-- The Real Deficit
---- Deficit Lies
-- International Debt
---- Children Will Pay
-- Tax Cut Con Game
---- Tax-Cut Lies
------ to Small Business
---- Phony Benefits
---- Hurting States
---- Why Accepted?
---- Cuts Will Backfire
-- Low-Tax Mania
-- Move toward Flat Tax
-- Corp. Tax Dodgers
-- Corporate Welfare
---- Halliburton
-- The SUV Boondoggle
-- Unemploym't Worse
------ Comp. Denied
---- Jobs Not Created
-- Widespread Poverty
-- False Recovery
-- Stock Market
-- Texas Sch. Scandals
-- Broken Promises
-- Abandoned Youth
-- College Aid Cut
-- Aid to Rich Colleges
-- Textbooks Censored
-- Acad. Freedom Denied
ELECTRONIC VOTING -- --- A Crucial Issue
-- Monstrous Bill
---- Allows Blackouts
---- Bi-Part. Oppos'n
-- New Energy Bill
-- Bush's "Eco-Speak"
---- How to Tell Lies
-- Crimes v. Nature
---- Air Pollution
---- Global Warming
---- Ozone Depletion
---- Chemical Hazards
---- Loss of Wildlife
-- States Combat Bush
---- Power Plant Suits
-- Pension Funds, Too
-- Worker Safety
-- Real Jobless Stats
-- Overtime in Danger
-- Poor Ranking
-- Privatized Socialism
-- Health Insurance
---- The Uninsured
------ Middle Class
-- Cost of Drugs
-- Medicare
---- A Cynical Bill
---- Favoring HMOs
---- $$ to Drug Co.s
---- Bait and Switch
---- AARP Sells Out
---- Bullying to Win
---- Australian Critique
---- Some Good News
-- Chill on Research
-- Amtrak
-- Mars vs. Amtrak
-- Use of Language
--'Enemy Combatants'
-- Ultra-Secret Trials
-- Homeland Insecurity
---- Funds Miss Needs
-- FBI Prying Grows
---- Targeting Protests
------ & Anti-Bush Talk
-- Computer Privacy
-- Patriot Act
---- Excesses
------ Cure - SAFE Act
---- Dangers
---- Author's Fear
---- Librarians' Warning
--"Patriot Act II"
---- Death for Protest?
---- Sneak Enactments
---- GAO Criticisms
---- EFF Concerns
-- Guantanamo
---- Conditions
---- Legal Status
---- UK Judge's Blast
-- Torture Condoned
---- Canadian's Ordeal
-- Yousef Yee
-- Scientists Accuse
---- Admin. Can't Deny
-- Abortion Truths
-- Notorious Photo
"WHILE BUSH ACKNOWLEDGED that many Americans had yet to reap positive benefits from Cheney’s explosive growth, he said that it was only a matter of time before the Vice President’s surging wealth trickled down to the rest of the country." 
                                                                                                                           -- Humorist Andy Borowitz

A Special Report:  Bush’s Investment Plan

Profits for Halliburton: Nothing for Workers


By: Bracken Hendricks and Skye Perryman

November 6, 2003


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Republican allegiance to corporate interests has distorted the direction of US policies both at home and abroad.  But there is a better way: it is time for a new vision on energy policy and national security. It is time for an Apollo Project that reinvests in American communities, creates jobs at home, and ends our dependence on foreign oil and its corrupting political influence once and for all.


I. Summary


In a victory for civic participation and government accountability, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced today that it would cancel its contract with Halliburton Corporation for oil transportation into Iraq. This comes after several weeks of pressure by Democratic Congressmen Waxman and Dingell, who have led the charge to uncover the truth about Halliburton’s no-bid contract with the U.S. Government. Reports suggest that Halliburton has been charging the US government more than twice the actual cost of importing fuel into Iraq, a move that has cost millions in taxpayer dollars.


In a convenient coincidence, the cancellation of Halliburton’s contract comes just two days after House Republicans stripped the Iraq supplemental bill of an anti-profiteering provision which would have held companies holding contracts with the U.S. government criminally accountable for price gouging. Once again, the Republicans have failed to hold businesses accountable.


II. What exactly is Halliburton doing? Here’s the scoop: ....


III. The Need for a Congressional Investigation ...


IV. A Better Way: A New Energy and Jobs Strategy ...


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The Borowitz Report [satire]

Cheney Inc. Expanding Faster Than the Economy 
The Vice President created 20,000 jobs for Halliburton in the last quarter    
Andy Borowitz    
The complete article is currently (3/27/04) available on the website at--


      Nov. 11 —  The White House had yet another piece of good economic news to trumpet today, announcing that Vice President Dick Cheney had expanded even faster than the U.S. economy in the quarter just ended. “Our economic policy, including our program of tax cuts for the highest-income brackets, has resulted in the most dramatic expansion of a Vice President in U.S. history,” President George W. Bush said.
WHILE BUSH ACKNOWLEDGED that many Americans had yet to reap positive benefits from Cheney’s explosive growth, he said that it was only a matter of time before the Vice President’s surging wealth trickled down to the rest of the country.
According to figures released by the White House, Cheney expanded at a torrid 11.2 percent rate in the last quarter, creating over 20,000 new jobs, most of them for Halliburton. ...

2003 Newsweek, Inc.  2004 Newsweek, Inc.

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