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Believe it or not, these are some of the most visited pool pages on the web:

Willie Mosconi - everybody's idol Back in the early 1960's, the hit movie "The Hustler" came out and the popularity of pocket billiards immediately surged. High school kids where I grew up who had been hanging out at the sweet shop wearing blue jeans and imitating James Dean suddenly were making Teasdale's Billiard Academy, our local pool hall, their after school hangout. Always the follower, I allowed myself to be swept along with the tide.

I exhibited very little talent for the game at first, but through perseverance and dedication I became one of the top three or four players in our crowd. At 16, I was regularly running 40 or 50 balls and seemed well on my way to becoming a pretty decent pool player. Then fate intervened, I stopped playing and my skills quickly eroded. Though I did pick up a cue now and then over the years, my poor play disgusted me and eventually I swore never to play again.

Skip forward thirty-eight years. I'm living on the west coast of Florida and living in an old fogeys trailor park. I tried golf but found play painfully slow. The park's clubhouse just happened to house two 4 by 8 pool tables, so I said to myself one day, "What the hell," and got back into the game.

It wasn't long after that that I incorporated my new pursuit, pool, with another hobby - creating web pages. Thus was born Ace's Cool Pool Lit & Links. As the name suggests, this site was devoted to pool literature and pool links. Though at first I placed everything on one web page, I later separated the links and the lit. Check them out:

Response to my pool lit page was so enthusiastic, I decided to see what I could put together in the way of pool and billiards art. The results was my cool pool art page. It was around this time that I began offering pool books and pool and billiards posters. Though their locations have changed, these pages continue to entertain billiards enthusiasts.

My next brainstorm led to my Celebrities Shooting Pool photo page. This was and remains, due mainly to a few feverishly enthusiastic Brigitte Neilson and Neve Campbell fans, one of my most visited pages.

And I haven't run out of ideas, though I did run out of web space in early 2005. Since then my pool pages have new digs:

Ace's Web World: Pool and Billiards - Everything Pool & Billiards

Recently, a friend of mine told me he couldn't find any free Pool Tournament Brackets. So, I made some for him and have made them available at Ace's Web World to anyone who needs them. You can get these 16 player and 32 player pool tournament brackets, each neatly fitted onto one 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet, by clicking on the banner above and scrolling down to Tournament Brackets.

Among my other popular web pages are the following:

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If you've made it this far, I hope you take the time to explore one of the oldest and most visited personal pool sites on the web.


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