Deluxe & Double Deluxe
Our most popular shows bring the dance floor to life with a mix of colors and patterns projected around the room while moving with the music. A combination of six to ten effects and optional fog reveal beams of color which surround your guests. Bubbles available too!

Accent Entertainment includes lighting effects in all of our presentations to provide an exciting dance atmosphere. Our light shows range from simple accent lighting to multi-effect displays creating a complete portable dance club! Four lighting packages are available. These include:

A compact display providing a hint of color and motion with a mirror ball and two small effects.

This is an awesome system with an intense array of effects and colors. Perfect for large parties or school dances, this light show incorporates over twenty effects including strobes, colorful light tunnels, even laser! Dozens of images move with the beat all around the dance floor creating a truly impressive display. Fog and bubbles included!

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