A very heartfelt thanks to all of you....

Since 1994 I have had the privilege of helping over a thousand couples with their weddings and provided music and master of ceremonies for countless other events. I have really enjoyed helping make a positive difference on such important occasions and especially being able to share the special moments in my clients lives. While the work has been fulfilling and fairly lucrative I have reached a point in my life where it is time to make a change. I have given up the majority of my weekends for the last 24 years. As I see the look in my daughter's eyes as I once again leave her and her mommy on a sunny Saturday morning, well, that is reason enough but there are other things motivating a shift in direction. So I am embarking on a new career path and officially retiring Accent Entertainment. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all of my brides, grooms, parents and party planners who have allowed me the privilege of serving you and your guests over the years. Your smiles, laughter, tears, and hugs combined with the gracious compliments and never ending stream of referrals made it all worthwhile.

So I will end this as I have night after night for these many years... "That one pretty much wraps it up for me tonight folks. My name is Deron and on behalf of Accent Entertainment I would like to wish you a hardy congratulations and the very best of luck. Please drive safely on your way home. Thank you. And good night."


Deron & Regina Detwiler
 Accent Entertainment