The definitive guide to windsurfing sites in the northeast, including driving directions, amenities, local knowledge, best wind directions...
Northeastern Windsurfing Site Guide
     This guide highlights the local sailing spots in New York, New Jersey, New England, Ontario and Quebec.

     To view a listing of sailing sites for a region, select from the list under "Regional Listings". Then select a sailing site to view details such as directions, access, favored wind directions, ...etc.

     To view a map of the ABC's local sailing sites select "Eastern NY & VT" under "Local Area Map". A map highlighting sailing areas in the Adirondack and Green Mountain regions will be presented. Click on a sailboat in the map and a second map containing sailing sites in that area will come up. Click on this map to view sailing site details.

     If you would like to add your favorite sailing spot or submit a correction to the information listed here, then use the Site Guide Submit Form.

     The ABC would like to thank the following clubs and countless individuals for their contributions to this guide: 
  • Eastern New York Windsurfing Association (ENYWA)
  • Rochester Sailboard Club (RSC)
  • Western New York Windsurfing Association (WNYWA)
  • Newburyport Boardsailing Association (NBA) 
  • New Jersey Windsurfing Association (NJWA)

     DISCLAIMER: Local conditions may have changed since a site was first listed here. Use caution when launching at an unfamiliar site and ask locals for information on any potential hazards. Sail safe, and don't sail alone!

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