Tom Dushane & Neil Hannon Jibing
Note the straight arms (on Tom), bent knees and level boards.(jib steps at bottom)
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It's a Duck

Jibe one

Jibe one

Jibe one

couple of minutes later jibe two

Jibe two

jibe two after the flip
Note this is a work in progress. Practice Pivot Jibes to improve flips.

1. Sail at high speed in both footstraps. Bear off to pick up more speed.
2. Look back to clear space, repeat look back to clear space.
3. Reach way back on boom with back hand.
4. Lift hip to release harness and drop down to keep speed up.keep front leg straight for more power. Relax a couple of seconds
5. Slide Back foot across board, behind foot strap, face foot forward.
6. Let sail pull you forward, by bending from ankle, knees and hips. (do not pull self up) Keep front arm straight. MastFootPressure. Hips forward, Knees bent. Control jib carve with windward foot (This will force you to be on ball of foot with knee bent.) Keep Head up and look where you're going. Oversheet sail kayak paddle style,(try to pull hand to hip),
7. Move sail upright, Change feet: New back foot moves across board onto centerline, into instep of old back foot, New front foot moves way forward. Knees bent. Sail may end up clew first. When downwind move front hand next to mast. (When in 5.5 or above wind try to move the hand as the back foot moves.(early)).
8. Just let go. Flip sail: with old front hand next to mast use the old back hand to reach underhand to new side, throw-pull boom to front-center and look thru the flip. New back hand takes as much pressure as possible. NO mast grabbing please!
9. Pop drop and go.
10. In small chop do 2 face jib. First face get into clew first position then over second wave and flip.

Never try to practice all these steps at one time. Try one from the setup, the carve and the flip and let your muscle memory do the rest.
Remember the goal is to have fun so smile when you go into the water.
revised 7/13/2009

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