Chit's Perfectly Functional Web Page [ruffle]

This is my second attempt at a web page. The first should have still been available, but appears to be gone. This is a good thing. [flick]

Right now I'm trying to decide whether to evolve this into a real page, or make a new page and file this somewhere as an example of what not to do.

Darwin seems to be winning.

The color scheme, however, is final.

About Me

I'm a squirrel. No, really.
--~~---,    ,___ =
       | /~~\\
        |_   \_

I am not, however, a normal squirrel. Unlike many squirrels you may have met, I can think and act much like a human, although I tend to think more clearly and act more rationally. According to some of my friends, that is not a trait shared by all squirrels, not even all of the intelligent ones. According to my enemies, they aren't shared by me, either. }:)

My Interests

I have several. I'm not going to tell you about them, because I don't trust you.
Instead, here are some interesting things. This list is unordered, because I don't believe in sorting.

Choose your own Fluffy Doom!

Chit's Story Archive

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