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A Smith River Brown Trout

I provide quality fly fishing guide service on many of Virginia's south central trout streams. I have fished the Smith River for years and consider it my "home water". I started fly fishing as a teenager and have learned a few tricks over the years. I consider myself a better then average fly fisherman. If you're a novice I can teach you. If you're an expert I can put you on some fish and learn from you. In either case we will have fun.

The Smith River is a tailwater trout stream which draws it's cool temperature from the foot of Phillpott Dam in Bassett Virginia. It remains cool enough to hold trout for 18-20 miles downsteam. The Smith is a wide river which allows for good fly fishing. It is wadeable soon after power generation has ceased. It is not wadeable during power generation due to turbulent, high force water. ONLY FOOLS ATTEMPT TO WADE HIGH WATER.

The VDGIF stocks the upper and lower reaches of the trout holding waters of the Smith River with rainbows. The middle section has been designated a Special Trout Regulation area (Single hook, artificial lures only, 16 inch minimum, 2 fish per day). The Special Reg section holds a bunch of stream spawned brown trout. Most are in the 9-14 inch range. My personal best was a 23 inch brown which I released. Sometimes you hit it right, when the water just boils with top feeding fish, however nymphs are the most consistent fish producers.

When I'm not guiding on the Smith you will find me down there "fun fishing". I personally caught 549 Smith River trout in 2003 and 662 in 2004. I was laid up most of the 2005 fishing season with hip replacement surgery. That is behind me now and the 2006 season produced 400+. I also set a personal record of 65 brought to hand in one outing in 2006. I am very proficent in the "dead drift" nymph fishing method. I can teach you this method and some of the secrets of the Smith in a single outing. LET'S GO FISHING!







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