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Why Study Piano?

Welcome to 88 Keys Piano Studio
Why study music at all?
88 Keys' Philosophy of Piano Teaching
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Welcome to 88 Keys Piano Studio -- the place where piano lessons are designed to be both a rewarding and fun musical experience, no matter what age or musical level you are!

  • Do you have a child who would like to begin piano lessons? 
  • Do you have a teenager who needs a bit of radical inspiration to continue lessons? 
  • Are you an adult who used to take piano lessons, but would like to try lessons again in a motivating and non-threatening environment? 
  • Are you an adult who always has wanted to play the piano, but never had the courage or opportunity?
  • Are you a kid who hates to practice but wants to learn to play the piano?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, 88 Keys Piano Studio is here for YOU! 

Why study music at all?

First of all, the benefits of music education in general is vast and far-reaching.  There are numerous studies to support why music helps children with a wide range of intellectual and psychomotor skill tasks.  One article cites twelve different areas as to why music education is important.  In an article on how piano lessons improve IQ, when students who studied piano, not only did their IQ improve, but it improved consistently over time with the length of time the piano was studied!  Which gets us into a whole group of articles on the benefits of piano playing in particular! So let's take a closer look at the PIANO as opposed to other musical instruments.

Why PIANO?                                                                                                                                                                            Top

The piano is unique to all other musical instruments in several ways.  Here are just a few of the reasons why learning piano is an important step in your musical experience and understanding:

  • The piano is an instrument that allows the student to produce musical tones immediately.

    Unlike many other instruments that require pre-preparation of learning correct fingerings, mouth position, air support, breathing, bowing, and other mannerisms, piano allows the student to instantly begin to make music.  While hand placement and technique in piano is very important, it does not hinder the student in being able to immediately make music right from the very first lesson.
  • Piano lays an absolute foundation for musical understanding through the obvious layout of the keyboard.

    The layout of the piano keyboard represents the theoretical foundation of how music "works" or how notes relate to each other the way that they do.  The keyboard provides a visual representation for the learning of theoretical concepts that are not as readily visible on other instruments.
  • The piano allows for a complete experience of playing melody with accompanying harmony notes -- everything all in one! 

    Many instruments only allow for melody notes alone to be played, one-note-at-a-time, or for harmony notes to be played -- chords for example.  But the piano allows for both of these to be played simultaneously, and in much variation!
  • Piano lessons have been shown to benefit children by helping them in school, raising their self-esteem, increasing their coordination, helping them be well-rounded, and helping with concentration.

Piano has been documented to help children in the five ways listed above, and study after research study has shown the merit of piano lessons for children.  Piano lessons have been shown to make children smarter!                                                                            

88 Keys' Philosophy of Piano Teaching:                                                                                                                   Top

Piano lessons should NEVER be a drudgery or torturous experience!  Learning to play the piano should open up the door to marvelous musical experiences that build a foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.  Piano instruction can carry you to musical possibilities you never thought you could reach!  Music is an exciting and delightful endeavor that should be enjoyed and savored, as you learn to make and create your own music. 

At 88 Keys, the best pedagogical methods of teaching are matched to each individual student's unique background, interest, level, and expectation.  Lessons are enhanced by the use of specially designed instructional materials, the latest instructional technologies and tools, and the integration of music theory and concepts into each music lesson experience. 

All students can learn to play the piano, regardless of age!  So please give it a try!  If you're willing to practice and try to learn, then you should make progress!  It is never too late to make music on the piano!

Getting Started...

To help you with getting started with piano lessons, you may want to visit and read through the following links from The Piano Education Page:

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