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  • How It's Made:  Pianos -- From the Discovery/Science Channel!  Absolutely fascinating!  It shows how grand pianos are made!

    Chinese Girl Playing Piano with No Fingers on Right Hand -- This girl has no fingers on her entire right hand, and yet is playing the piano quite beautifully.  What an inspiration to us all!  And she has only seen a piano for the first time three years before this!!!  None of us should have any excuses for not tackling our own challenges after seeing this!  This is both amazing and humbling!
  • Piano Stairs called "The Fun Theory" -- Check out this set of stairs in Odenplan, Stockholm, where they built in white and black piano keys into the steps of the stairs.  The stairs were beside an escalator, inviting the pedestrians to choose  the stairs -- or in this case "tickle the ivories" with their feet -- rather than take the escalator.  See how much fun the piano makes things?!!!
  • "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T"--1950s cult movie classic about a boy's nightmarish dream about his piano teacher, Dr. Terwilliker ("Dr. T"), and a giant 480,000-key piano for 500 little boy students (the "5000 fingers") to play simultaneously!  If you haven't seen the movie, watch the DVD sometime!  
  • Nora the Piano Playing Cat -- Nora is the cat that belongs to a piano teacher.  Nora loves to play the piano and frequently gets up on the piano and plays it all by herself.  Take a look at Nora in these videos!
    • Practice Makes Purr-fect Video -- Nora the Piano Playing Cat in her first You Tube video.  This is where it all got started! 
    • Catcerto -- View the full performance of the first concerto written just for Nora, the Piano Playing cat, by the composer and conductor, Mindaugas Piecaitis.
  • Charlie Schmidt's "Keyboard Cat"! -- Another internet sensation, here's "Keyboard Cat."  Unlike Nora (see above), this cat does NOT play the piano on its own!!!  
  • Jealous Grand Piano Scene from 1967 Movie "Torture Garden" -- Do you like horror movies?  This is the only horror movie I know of that has a GRAND PIANO in a STARRING ROLE!!!  The piano is jealous over its concert pianist owner's new female love.  The jealous piano takes things into its own hands, or should I say "keys," and literally goes after her, pushing her out the window to her death!  The video is from the 1967 movie, "Torture Garden."  Take a look at the first 1 minute 30 seconds of this You-Tube clip to catch the scene!
  • Igudesman & Joo's "A Little NIGHTMARE Music"--This musical comedy duo, made up of Aleksey Igudesman on violin and Richard Hyung-ki Joo on piano, is all the rave!  Each is a supreme concert artist in his own right, but they have teamed up to make a delightful new comedy act that is superb and extremely funny!  Since the success, both critically and publicly, of the 2004 world premiere of “A Little Nightmare Music” at one of the most prestigious venues in the world, Vienna’s Musikverein, Igudesman & Joo have been delighting audiences all around the world in theatres, concert halls, and international festivals.  They now have a DVD which you will want to order at their website link above.  Below are some of Igudesman & Joo's videos:
    • "Rachmaninov By Himself" -- The 2nd movement of Rachmaninov with Hyung-ki's singing of "All By Myself" pulling down the mood of the whole situation!
    • "And Now...Mozart (Alla Molta Turca)" -- A new twist on Mozart's "Rondo alla turca."
    • Scenes from "Pianomania" -- New video with the technician from Steinway!
    • "I Will Survive" -- View the YouTube video of this fun and spirited session!
    • "Mozart Bond" -- Leave it to these two to mix James Bond with Mozart!
    • "Piano Lesson" -- View the YouTube video of this slapstick piano lesson skit!
    • Preview (7 minutes) -- A compilation preview of their various acts.
    • "Rachmaninov Had Big Hands" -- View the YouTube video of this hilarious solution to playing Rachmaninov's wide hand reaches on piano!
    • "Riverdancing Violinist" -- This isn't piano-related but I had to include because it is so classic!
    • "Ticket to Ride" -- R. Hyung-ki Joo jubilantly playing and singing "Ticket to Ride" while Aleksey Igudesman looks on in pained disdain!

      My photo with Aleksey and Hyung-ki when they came to Wilmington to perform their show!
  • Metronome Synchronization -- In case ONE metronome isn't enough for you when practicing, here are FIVE metronomes being amazingly synchronized to tick together at the SAME TIME!!!

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