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    Piano T-Shirts & More!


If you love and have fun playing the piano, you probably would like your friends to know it, and one of the fun ways to get the message across is by wearing a neat piano t-shirt! I ran some searches for you on piano t-shirt sites, and here is what I found. No, I do not get a commission on t-shirts that you purchase! I just think that the shirts are really neat and that you might like them, too!  Some sites have other piano items as well!


  • Zazzle Piano T-Shirts -- Lots of WONDERFUL piano t-shirts! You can order them in different colors, too!
  • Cafe Press Piano T-Shirts -- Another place with WONDERFUL piano t-shirts!
  • Nora the Piano Playing Cat Official Site -- Nora is a cat that belongs to a piano teacher.  Nora loves to play the piano and frequently gets up on the piano and plays it all by herself.  You can view her videos in the Videos section of this site under Just for Fun! Here at her official site you can order Nora accessories like mugs, bags, and t-shirts!  I have a Nora t-shirt, and I get compliments on it every single time I wear it!
  • Charlie Schmidt's "Keyboard Cat"! -- Another internet sensation, here's "Keyboard Cat."  Unlike Nora (see above), this cat does NOT play the piano on its own!!!  Here you can read more about keyboard cat and get more information.  You can also order keyboard cat stuff like t-shirts.

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