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   Online Piano Lessons!


You will find MANY do-it-yourself piano lesson methods around -- from videotapes to online Internet lessons.  I have included links here of some of the online piano lessons that I have run into while surfing the Internet that you might want to take a look at out of curiosity.  Note that THESE ARE NOT MY LESSONS!!! 

Feel free to peruse the list of sites and see what you think.  It may entice you to practice and be glad you have a face-to-face "real person" teacher!  You may also pick up some extra tips and review information to help you along in your regular lessons. 


  • Piano Lessons Made Simple -- This particular link goes to a lesson  with a great overview of the grand staff and how it relates to the layout of the piano keys.  This site has numerous other lessons and tutorials to help you with your piano playing and learning!
  • Free Online Piano Lessons -- Claims to be free but requires CD eventually.
  • free-online-piano-lessons.com -- Just what it says, but it sticks to the basics of scales, chords, arpeggios.
  • Piano Fun -- The "original one-day piano workshop".
  • Piano Tricks -- Free online piano lessons with musical scores, mp3 example sound files and video demonstrations.
  • Learn Piano Online -- Over 100 pages of free beginner lesson material.

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