Welcome to the Dominoes Hall Online provided by the Original Texas42Club. Our club is about shake'n bones &  having fun. We play Dominoes, Moon, & 42 online and sometimes, even in person!

If you are brand new to the computer and the internet, it's going to be a bit clumsy getting started at first. Shortly though, it gets as easy as tumbling dominoes out of a box. We have help for you regardless of your pc technical experience in the Directory of Related Links.

The Texas42Club believes that the social aspect of these games is as important as the competition. What better way to have good fellowship than at the dominoes table no matter which is your favorite game. Just folks laugh'n scratch'n, sprinkled with the right amount of  carp'n and crow'n is what I call one of the best parts of the game!

Texas42 places emphasis on playing social games and on making and accepting open challenges with whomever you wish  in league play. We show you how to make, accept, and play challenges at the game site the Texas42Club plays our games at. You will find that help in the Directory of Related Links. Two to four players can even be at the table just playing for fun and some crowing might lead to a league challenge!

This way, you don't have to hope that your favorite opponents will be able to make the tournaments you are able to play in. If they get knocked out of the event before you have a shot to play them, you don't have to wait for another tourney to play a league rated match with them. Tourney play is a fun challenge, but rigorous tournament schedules just don't allow for the fun of friendly rivalries the way open league does.

We will play regular tourneys with a championship, prizes, and everything else just like we did for the best part of three years. So if you are New Pup with us or an Old Dawg, come have some laughs, shake some bones, and enjoy great fellowship with quality people...Because you ain't seen nuttin' yet !

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