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One of the best beginner to expert pages I have ever seen on the game of 42.

The World's Finest Dominoes for the World's Greatest Dominoes, Moon, n 42 Players!

Great Players Need a Great Dominoes Table

By Dennis Roberson
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A Big Howdy To Our 42 , Moon and Good Old-Fashioned Dominoes Friends Located In
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Dominoes, 42, and Shoot-the-Moon players of all levels of experience and skill, we are glad you came. This is the Dominoes Hall Online portal you have heard about.  You can come here and play several types of Dominoes games.

  • We play good old fashioned Dominoes. Some folks call it muggins, big6, spinner,  regular dominoes and etc.
  • We play Moon or Shoot-the -Moon. Moon is bidding/trick-taking game more like spades than dominoes.
  • Our main game is 42 or Texas42 as some people call it. 42 is played mostly in Texas and it's surrounding states but because there are so many folks moving both to and from that whole region, it has been spreading itself around.

42, like Shoot-the-Moon, is a bidding/trick-taking game like spades and pinochle, but played using dominoes in place of regular cards. In Texas42, you also have to catch certain count dominoes during the play of the 7 trick hands as well as win tricks. The total count in a hand adds up to 35 and each trick caught is worth 1 for a total of 42 and that is the name of the game. We call going low or nil, Nel-lo in 42. High bidder names trumps or calls a special contract such as Nel-lo, follow me, plunge, or 7's. Any combinations of the special contracts may be played as agreed upon by the players at the table or play barebones (no special contracts).

42, The National Game of Texas, is becoming a global phenomenon, not just a national one. President George Bush and his family plays it as well as Earl Campbell, Willey Nelson, Steve Miller, JR Ewing, and several astronauts. To be sure, Moon n 42 is nearly as big of a deal at Texas Aggie land as their football team and "dunking" their rings. They have found a way to do both at a place they call The Chicken.

In 1996 a man named Curtis Cameron changed Texas42 for the benefit of all mankind by designing a computer version of the game he calls Win42. The game is has the true flavor of the game of Texas42 as played in dominoes halls and in parlors and kitchens across the land. Win42 is part of the WinDominoes games Mr. Cameron  designed and built a web site for so that they can be played online against other players. You will find his site at There are free trial versions of Win42, WinDominoes, and now WinMoon for Shoot-the-Moon enthusiasts. The free trial versions never have to be upgraded to continue using them and updates to them when they come out are free as well. The trial versions of each game differ slightly as to what the full version offers, but no doubt if you are a Bones Player, there will be one or more of the games you will want to purchase the full versions of. They really are that good.

The first time you play the WinDominoes, WinMoon, or Win42 games you will see how enjoyable the full rich textures and the definition of the playing pieces make for the absolutely best computer dominoes game anywhere that can be played online in a lobby you can connect to tables from, or offline on a computer against computer bot  players. The software for these games is rather easy to figure out how to use with little help needed. The trial versions work and do not expire. If you have a problem connecting to tables, you will have the same problem with the full versions as you do with the free versions. If you need assistance we can help you with game problems. There has only been a very few people we could not get set up and playing.

 There are Leagues for all of the games we play at CCdominoes. We play for fun but also have games for rank and prizes as well as for bragging rights. Please be not just a good sport, but the best of sports in our leagues and enjoy yourself.

 Join in on the fun we are having and please tell others. All they have to do is type 42club in the address bar or search engine. They will find us. Try too, please.

Use the menu bar above to navigate around and to learn more about playing dominoes games online and how to get involved in league play as well as how to find the Dominoes Hall Online Chat Room. We have other Dominoes links for you to check out too. If you have a link you wish to submit, there is a place below to e-mail it to us.

The Dominoes Hall Online:

The Dominoes Hall Online is a special chat room we have available that creates a virtual dominoes hall. It has voice and text-typing communication. It's great because all players in the DhO chat room can voice either just at their private table or in the main room. Great way to line up your next victims while playing. On top of being able to voice just like playing in person, the DhO has web page capabilities. We can actually put the game site up in the chat room so that you can monitor what's going on at the tables while talking or text-type to others in the Dh. You have no idea how cool it is to have the tourney page and league and game site links all in one handy place! In short, the DhO super-enhances the gaming experience at

  Everything is free and we are not selling anything.

There are premium memberships at the leagues that are available. There are premium memberships at the site we host the Dominoes Hall Online at. Finally, you do not have to purchase the full versions of the dominoes games we play online, but they are available. We receive nothing from any of these 3 places where you can spend money to participate if that is your choice. We do benefit from it in some ways, however not in a monetary fashion nor do we charge a membership fee or dues of any sort. It's about fun and love of the game for us.

We do have volunteers helping us and prize sponsors benefiting us. If you would like also to help out, we would be grateful if you would contact admin and let us know. We appreciate any time, prize sponsorships or good old fashioned cash, that you care to donate to the cause of good clean fun. This we do for all mankind!!!

One thing is for sure. You have never enjoyed the real life in person - sitting at the dominoes table experience online like you will at the Dominoes Hall Online.

Unlike a lot of the other sites and software you can use to message and voice with, the host site of the Dominoes Hall Online, does not install data mining bots that hog your computers connection resources . Data mining is not as benign as it once was. Has your system slowed down a lot lately? Do you have more of a problem maintaining a connection than you used to?  You may be being weighted down by adware. It's not just cookies that is getting installed by adware sites now. These critters report back to the site that implanted them unknowingly in your Pc. That hogs up connection speed. You may have from 5 to 140 of these things and not even know it. None of our sites has ever attempted to install an adware or spy-bot type of program on my computer. It has nothing running in the background that you are unaware of. I have not even had a cookie offered to my computer while surfing within the DhO. That is why there are so many people that can use the software that can't use other messenger/pager and chat software programs.

You will find Links to other dominoes sites here as well. The menu bar at the top is a treasure-chest of links for the site we use to play online and resources for other dominoes sites. We hope that you have the time of your Dominoes Playing Life here. You can have your old friends meet up with you and time and distance are no longer barriers they once were to playing them. You can meet up with your new Dominoes, Moon, n 42 Friends you meet here too! The fun and excitement of being able to voice while playing combined with the challenge of tough competition couple up to make for a really terrific place to play dominoes, moon or 42-online.

Good Luck ... on the Tables ... and in Life and most of all Have Fun at both.