DOUBLE FLASH,from Dallas Voice, DOSSIER - Clarkson tries for scandalous Tallulah role
In Hollywood, nothing is certain until it's certain. You can't always be sure that the movie you heard was being made a few months back is still being made. What follows,then, is a story full of maybes and ifs, Oscar-nominated actress Patricia Clarkson ("Pieces of April," "Six Feet Under") may be the one playing Tallulah Bankhead in an upcoming biopic of the late,legendary,scandalous,bisexual actress,one whose reputed lovers included Billie Holiday and "Gone with the Wind" co-star Hattie McDaniel. The other question mark in this proposed project is Philip Kaufman, no stranger to the sexually liberated biopic after helming "Henry & June" and "Quills". He may be directing. Of course, if it all comes to pass, it will be perfect casting on both sides of the camera. Maybe Hollywood will get it right this time.
FLASH,from,JAYNE BARON SHERMAN (Producer) makes her Broadway debut with A Raisin in the Sun. Currently she is also developing a feature film about Tallulah Bankhead, which will be directed by Philip Kaufman and written by Christopher Bram and Draper Shreve. As co-chair of the Emmy-nominated “In the Life,” America’s independently produced gay and lesbian magazine format television show, broadcast on PBS, she focuses her business and creative skills for community activism.