This is Sgt Robert Early - Left and
John Deriggi - right, in their M-26
Pershing on the way into the central
square where the German Panther
is waiting in front of the Catheral.
He has to make a left turn. and be
ready to fire.

The M-26 has turned left and
entered the square. Cpl.
Clarence Smoyer sees the
tank and is traverseing
his gun toward his target.

Cpl Smoyer sees that the
Panther has his gun pointing
at his tank and he fires
before the driver stops.

After Cpl Smoyer hit the
Panther again, the crew
start to bale out.The driver
is making a run but gets
to the back of the building
and dies.

Two more men escape the tank
but die near by.

Another crew member bails out
and falls dead over a bicycle

The tant commander can not get
out and burns up

The tank burns all night

The 36th. Armored Regiment
clean up Cologne in house
to house fighting wiht most
of the building in rubble

More 36th. Infantry mop up Cologne

M-24 (T-26)
Tank Crew

Top Left Cmdr
Robert Early

Clarence Smoyer

Asst. Gunner
John Deriggi

Asst Driver
Homer Davis

William McVey

These are the Street
Cars the Germans
used to try to block
the 3 AD advance

This is what's left of the Rail Road Station

The Entrance to the bridge in Cologne across the Rhine

The Germans blew the Hohenzollern Bridge when the Third Armored advaned into Cologne

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