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The 2013-14 Quick Facts List of Thirty-One Days of Italians provides a date and name to celebrate for each day in

October  when Italian Americans honor their culture and heritage.


For more information about each person, go to the Index of Names, select the person, and click on his or her Category link. Then scroll down to locate name.


HM: Honorary Member


October 1: The Italian Immigrant [HM]

A day to honor every Italian who journeyed to America from Italy.


October 2: Amadeo Pietro Giannini [HM]

Established the branch banking system in America.


October 3: Guglielmo Marconi [HM]

Known as the Father of Radio for his experiments with long distance wireless transmissions.


October 4: Filippo Mazzei [HM]

Supporter of American freedom during American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson’s inclusion of “all men are created equal” into the Declaration of Independence is a paraphrase of Mazzei’s “All men are by nature equally free and independent.”


October 5: Antonio Meucci [HM]

Original holder of the patent for the forerunner of today’s telephone.


October 6: Giacomo Costantino Beltrami

Explored northern Minnesota in 1823, searching for the source of the Mississippi River and wrote a book describing his adventures.


October 7: Charles J. Bonaparte

Attorney General during Theodore Roosevelt’s administration. Bonaparte established a special investigative force that was to become the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


October 8: John Buscema

Master artist at Marvel Comics.


October 9: Father Pietro Bandini [HM]

Missionary for Native Americans. In 1898 established Tontitown, “a perfect example of colonization," in Arkansas.


October 10: Enrico Fermi [HM]

Discovered radioactive elements that heralded the nuclear age.


October 11: Antonio Pasin [HM]

Created Radio Flyer wagon.


October 12: Christopher Columbus [HM]

Navigator that changed the world, opening trade routes and immigration from Europe to the Americas.


October 13: Maria Montessori, M.D [HM]

Developed an educational method for teaching children.


October 14: Father Joseph Cataldo

Established a missionary for Native Americans in the 1850s and founded Gonzaga University.


October 15: Fred DeLuca

Founder of Subway® restaurants.


October 16: Grucci Family

Fireworks by Grucci is one of the oldest fireworks companies in America and one of the most respected in the world.


October 17: Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini [HM]

First American citizen to become a saint.


October 18: Enrico Caruso [HM]

World’s most acclaimed tenor in the early 1900s.


October 19: Costantino Nivola

Combining architecture with sculpture, Nivola is known for his bas relief and semi-abstract artistry, and for creating the technique for sand casting in cement.


October 20: Giovanni Pietro Antonio Nobili

One of the first missionaries to work with Native American Tribes. Helped established Santa Clara College.


October 21: Arturo Toscanini [HM]

One of the world’s greatest orchestra conductors.


October 22: Leonard Riggio

Built Barnes & Noble into a book superstore during the 1980s and 90s. Present CEO.


October 23: Anthony Rossi

Founded Tropicana and developed a pasteurization process to extend the shelf life of the juice.


October 24: Bruno Sammartino

The "Living Legend" and "The Italian Superman" of heavyweight wrestling. Holds two Championship reigns in the World Wide Wrestling Federation (now WWE).


October 25: Amerigo Vespucci [HM]

Namesake of America.


October 26: Giorgio Santelli

U.S. National Coach and U.S. Olympic Coach, considered the best fencing coach of the twentieth century.


October 27: Constantino Brumidi [HM]

Known as the “Michelangelo of the [U.S.] Capitol.”


October 28: Giovanni Schiavo

Largely responsible for initiating Italian American studies.


October 29: Giuseppe Maria Francesco Vigo

Assisted the American colonies during the Revolutionary War.


October 30: Andrea Palladio [HM]

"Father of Architecture," wrote The Four Books on Architecture, the most famous and influential books on architecture of all time, and still in print.


October 31: Your Favorite Italian

Celebrate someone not on the list, but greatly admired.

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