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If you are a school teacher or have a business, celebrate Italian American Heritage Month by creating a display based on Thirty-One Days of Italians. 
Take a picture of the display and send up to three pictures to, along with a brief description or interesting fact about the display. Include name, school or business, city, and state. (Names of people, school, or business will not be posted without written consent.)

Picture of a 2008 window display in Grass Valley, CA.

Window display 2008

"Armed with my Italian persistence, I went to Grass Valley's downtown association and laid out my plan to educate our small town on the importance of Italians in the Mother Lode. I worked with Bill Cerruti of the Sacramento Italian Cultural Society who lent me information on their exhibit of Italians in the Mother Lode along with some items. I also went to local businesses asking them to lend me Italian made and items of significance to Italians for the window. Needless to say there was not enough window for all the things Italian! I contacted our County's Superintendent of Schools and sent them a copy of your article Thirty One Days of Italians Captures Popular Vote highlighted in Buona Salute Magazine. I asked them to make sure our local schools celebrated California Resolution 145 which designates October as Italian American Heritage Month. I also said it would nice if they could ask the children to view the windows."
~ Valentina P.

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