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Thirty-One Days of Italians is the basis for an Italian American History curriculum that is being developed for public, charter, home schools, and as an online course designed to be made available to the public through a dedicated website. This project is compatible with the Mission of the Italian Historical Society of America in developing educational materials about Italians and Italian Americans, and providing these materials to schools.


The Italian Historical Society of America is a non-profit educational and research corporation, under the leadership of John J. LaCorte, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Philosophy (former Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies) at California State University, Dominguez Hills. His father, John N. LaCorte, founded the Society in 1949 to overcome negative stereotypes by popularizing the lives of the many Italians who have made significant contributions to Western Civilization, and to inspire others who learn of these great achievements. The motto of the Society is Inspiratio per Exemplum, "Inspiration through Example."


The Society has begun to direct its energies and resources toward reaching a wider audience through the use of video, computer technologies, and evolving electronic media; and is also focusing on the development of educational materials, made available to schools, that bring an awareness of the significant contributions that the Italian culture has brought to our way of life.



The Society is the Fiscal Sponsor for this project, providing a 501(c)3 non-profit status, that allows for tax-deductible contributions.

Contributions are accepted for any amount and will allow work to continue for developing the required education materials necessary for teaching and learning about Italian American history, culture, and heritage.


Support Italian American History in America's Schools.

Make a donation for Italian American education.


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