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Names below are listed in alphabetical order with a link to the corresponding Category. Click on Category and scroll to name for a brief biography and other resources.

The purpose of this website is to educate others about the contributions that those of Italian heritage have made to America. The information is intended to be shared and distributed; however, the work in this website is a result of massive hours of researching, organizing, creating, and writing. If you use any of the information on this website, please give proper credit by citing Thirty-One Days of Italians and adding a link to this website. Thank you.



Please Note

With each brief biography, links to varied resources are provided. With evolving technology and other variables, URLs occasionally change. Every effort is made to provide qualified links on these pages, but sometimes a link will no longer be active. If you encounter a problem with a link, please contact me.

(Honorary Member: HM)


Accolti, Father Michael - Education

Andretti, Mario - Sports


Bandini, Father Pietro (HM) - Humanitarians

Barbera, Joseph - Film

Barolini, Helen - Literary

Baroni, Father Geno - Humanitarians

Beltrami, Giacomo Costantino - Exploration

Berra, Yogi - Sports

Bonaparte, Charles J. - Politics/Law

Brumidi, Constantino (HM) - Art

Buscema, John - Art


Caboto, Giovanni - Exploration

Cabrini, Mother Francis (HM) - Humanitarians

Capra, Frank - Film

Caruso, Enrico (HM) - Music

Cataldo, Father Joseph - Education

Ciardi, John - Literary

Columbus, Christopher (HM) - Exploration

da Verrazzano, Giovanni - Exploration

De Luca, Fred - Business

de Tonti, Enrico - Exploration

Del Bianco, Luigi - Art

di Donato, Pietro - Literary

DiMaggio, Joe - Sports


Fauci, Anthony - Medicine

Fermi, Enrico (HM) - Technology

Ferraro, Geraldine - Politics/Law

Frazetta, Frank - Art


Gallo, Ernest and Julio - Business

Gallo, Robert Charles - Medicine

Ghirardelli, Dominick - Business

Giannini, Amadeo Pietro (HM) - Business

Gioseffi, Daniela - Literary

Grasso, Ella T. - Politics/Law

Grucci Family - Art


Iacocca, Lee - Business


Jacuzzi Family - Business


Kino, Eusebio Francisco - Humanitarians

LaCorte, John N. - Education

La Guardia, Fiorello H. - Politics/Law

Lanza, Mario - Music

Lombardi, Vince - Sports


Mancini, Henry - Music

Marciano, Rocky - Sports

Marconi, Guglielmo (HM) - Technology

Martin, Dean - Music

Mazzei, Filippo (HM) - Politics/Law

Menotti, Gian Carlo - Music

Meucci, Antonio (HM) - Technology

Mondavi, Robert - Business

Montessori, Maria (HM) - Education


Nivola, Costantino - Art

Nobili, Giovanni Pietro Antonio - Education


Obici, Amedeo - Business


Palladio, Andrea (HM) - Architecture

Pasin, Antonio (HM) - Business

Paulucci, Jeno F. - Business

Pinza, Ezio - Music

Riggio, Leonard - Business

Rodia, Sabato  - Art

Rogallo, Francis - Aviation

Rossi, Anthony T - Business


Salvatore, R.A. - Literary

Sammartino, Bruno - Sports

Santelli, Giorgio - Sports

Scavullo, Francesco - Art

Schiavo, Giovanni - Literary

Sinatra, Frank - Music

Siringo, Charlie Angelo - Politics/Law


Tetrazzini, Luisa - Music

Toscanini, Arturo (HM) - Music


Vespucci, Amerigo (HM) - Exploration

Vigo, Giuseppe Maria Francesco - Politics/Law 


Zamboni, Frank - Technology

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