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Currently, very little is taught about the Italians and Italian Americans who contributed much to the history of America. In many schools, nothing is mentioned. In an American History curriculum for public schools funded by the United States Department of Education, Italians are mentioned twice with very negative connotations.


What message does this give children of Italian heritage and others? It causes embarrassment and disdain. It’s no wonder children – and many adults – idolize the roles created by movies and television. Italian American children must learn about the accomplishments of Italians and Italian Americans in American history. Only then will they have pride in and respect for their heritage.


Thirty-One Days of Italians is evolving. It was started to educate all Americans of all ages about Italian and Italian American heritage. It has become the basis for an online course currently being developed on an overview of Italian American history. The biographies are a good source for research and provide credible resources. Soon, the biographies will also be available as Lesson Plans to integrate into American History curriculum in public schools. 


Child or adult, anyone of Italian heritage should be aware of Italian American history; however, it is imperative that Italian American children know about and understand the history and culture of their nationality. One of the most important ways to educate children about Italian American history is through the public school system.


It is time for all Italian Americans to get involved.


Support Italian American History in America's Schools.

Make a donation for Italian American education.

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 Complete Lesson Plans
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