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A Day to Honor All Italian Immigrants. This day is set aside for the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and beyond – every Italian who journeyed to America from Italy, regardless of the route. It’s to honor those who sought to make a better life for themselves and their families, to remember them for the sacrifices they endured, and to thank them for the opportunities they provided us and for their contributions to America.

It’s also a day to think about your ancestors, where they came from, and where their ancestors came from; and to learn something about Italy and your heritage.

Italian American Museum

The American Italian Museum and Cultural Center

The Story of Italian Immigration

Italian Immigration and Settlement

The Italian Legacy in the Mother Lode

Italians in Utah

Italian American History and Culture



Celebrate the Day Honoring a Special Italian. End Thirty-One Days of Italians with a tribute to the Italian or Italian American who may not be on the list, but is greatly admired.



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