ATHEISM: The Origin and Destination of Science, Logic and Reason
My Personal Journey from Christian to Atheist.

"My site, my rules.
Don't like it? You can leave anytime."
(I credit my dear old dad for that wisdom)
July 4th, 21st Century

As America celebrates it's independence as a nation today,
so too do I celebrate my own independence from all religion.
One more Freethinker has been born; born of science logic and reason...
not to mention a dose of good old fashioned common sense.
This didn't all happen overnight nor did I reach any special conclusions
on the fourth of July. I'm simply celebrating freedom for two reasons today!
Welcome! You've found one man's rant about what's been on my mind a lot lately.
Yes, this is about the shedding of religion in all it's forms, specifically Christianity.

This webpage will be my best one-man show at dealing with this whole mess,
sharing with you, the reader, as much as I can about how I got here.
As a Human Being, you will recognize yourself in many places on this site,
regardless of whether you're a Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist, etc.
Some of this material reflects arguments made by others, some is my own.
Each person's journey through this subject is unique, but influenced by those around us.
Sometimes it might seem that I'm rambling, covering a lot of ground; I am at times...
but it's all part of the same journey.

It was not my initial intent to take a stance entirely discrediting all religion.
I started out thinking that fundamentalist Christians were
proving themselves to be just as misguided, and just as dangerous
as any Islamic fundamentalists out there in the world.
Fundamentalist Christians are WAY out of line,
out of hand and out of their minds ... I saw it every day ... and I wanted to prove it.
However, the necessary and clear conclusion that I ( and many) have reached
is that the entire body of both the Christian religion AND Islam is based on the same set
of HUGE assumptions and assertions that are based in the same ancient superstitions.
Another branch of the same tree, worshiping the same "Father Creator" is Judaism.
So the big three world religions are all built on the same foundation, but if that's bad,
well... you know what happens to a house built on a bad foundation!

I have never studied matters of theology so closely and with such scrutiny
as I do now. The more I study matters of divinity the more I smell humanity.
Do I expect to solve anything?   You bet your mortal ass I do.
But be warned, if you're among the brainwashed, the odds are
you'll be neither willing nor able to accept anything that seems to threaten your beliefs,
even if an air-tight case is presented against even the slightest aspect of any one religion.

At the very least I'll get you thinking, and that's always a good thing.
Consider the blind faith that many Churches ask us to follow with;
and then ask, if you're blindly following, are you likewise following the blind...
and who do they follow?
If you are forced only to ultimately answer "God", you must read on.
Certainly you'll agree no progress of the mind is made if you do not ask these questions.
No claim is beyond critical discussion nor immune to scrutiny,
and certainly not a claim as far removed from reason, logic and common sense as
the wildly varied claims of human religion.
So I'm doing this webpage. It's my little contribution to humanity.

Indeed, the only possible conclusion one can reach once they begin down this path of reasoning
is that all religion in general is merely a construction of humankind, based on our hopes and fears.
Religion speaks to our human imaginations, superstitions, power & money lusts, fantasies, hopes,
and of course, our fear of death.
Don't glaze over that last one. DEATH. Your death. Your end.
Sucks, doesn't it? The idea that you will not be alive anymore someday hits hard if you let it sink in.
So we humans need to "fix" this problem, as we are problem solvers by nature.
Oops... no apparent solution! So let's make one up that feels good and can't be disproven.
Humans do this all the time, it's in our nature. We did it when we asked where we came from.
It took countless millennia before our cumulative human comprehension of ourselves and the universe
provided us with the first real, genuine answers to some of those age-old questions.

"Where did we come from?" "How did we get here?"
"What are those twinklie things in the night sky?" "Why is the sky blue?" "Why is the Sun hot?"
For ages upon uncounted ages, when any of us asked those basic human questions,
we had no means to get REAL answers from anyone, anywhere. But we wanted those answers.
We needed an answer. So who does a curious thinking human ask when pondering such thoughts?
We can only communicate directly (or at least, efficiently) with other humans.
So we will ask a member of our own kind... but who?
The hierarchy that exists in ALL human cultures dictates that we should ask the Chief.
Or the Shaman, tribal elder, oldest man / woman in the village, the high priest or perhaps the
guy dancing around the campfire in the funny mask, chewing on the peyote. He seems important.
So we put our questions to this person in authority, high up on our human hierarchy.
Quick lesson in human nature; if you ask a person in authority a question, you will rarely get
"I don't know" as a response as it undermines their authority, ignorance is perceived as a weakness.
More often, an answer (or non-answer) will be provided that carries plausible deniability,
one that can not be easily disproven or an answer that admonishes the questioner for
asking that question in the first place. All these "responses" insulate the person in authority from
any challenge to that authority, or threat of removing them from that position of power.

Perhaps our religions were born in our dreams, nightmares, drug induced vision-quests,
political and cultural growing pains, struggles...who knows...likely all of these things played a role.
But we DO seem to need to "fix" death, don't we? We need to defeat the ultimate enemy,
to apply a salve to our existential angst. We need to comfort our children when they grapple with death.
Insulating our innocent children from death's sting is so important to parents, that they'll say or do
almost anything to make the hurt go away, often without thinking about the seeds they plant in
that child's mind. Most children come to know death for the first time when
a grandparent or even a beloved pet dies. It hurts, it makes us cry, frightened and helpless.
So how does a loving, well intentioned parent address this pain?
"They're in a better place now" or " heaven with (name other dead loved ones here) and God".

Appeals to the supernatural also provide our leaders with excellent grounds for thought control.
One of the oldest sayings warning men about the pitfalls of organized religion can be traced back
to ancient Greece; "The people find religion comforting; their leaders find it useful".

Today, if a human being asks "what are those twinklie things in the night sky?"
there IS an answer, a real one. We don't have to say they are sparks from Thor's hammer,
or the spirits of dead Kings watching over us. We don't have to say they are tiny holes in the
sheet of night the gods place over the sun at night.
(These are actual "answers" once given to that question).
Today, our cumulative human understanding of our universe, it's origins and functionality,
how we fit into it, the laws of physics and chemistry, including biochemistry, provide
actual, testable answers to these questions that withstand any and all serious scientific scrutiny.