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Here are a handful of responses to these anonymous survey questions from students who completed my online "Academic Reading and Writing" course (ENG 80).

What was your favorite thing about this class?
My favorite thing about this class was watching my writing grow and the assortment of short readings you had us reply to. My writing definitely took a huge step forward in this class, and I enjoyed most of the pieces we read.

My favorite thing was that you connected with us so well. You have given strength to our work and helped us understand what we are really doing.

I liked the feedback from peers. It is nice and uplifting to get positive reassurance. It makes it feel like you are in a classroom. You also don't have to be too shy, because you're online, and not face-to-face.

Did you find my feedback on your work helpful?
Yes. I took every edit you suggested, or correction, and it stuck with me. I really appreciate the time you took to review my work and give feedback. I learned that I need to catch people's attention right from the start and end with a bang. Also to put more of myself in my writing. I learned this because at the beginning you shared that I needed strength in these areas, and my last essay you said I did a good job in these areas.

Yes. When you gave me feedback it was usually positive and uplifting, giving me a sense of pride in what I had written. When there was a mistake, you would casually suggest to take a look at it, and that made it easier to identify so it could be fixed or altered.

With each feedback I received I was able to see what mistakes I had made. It helped me go back and reflect on my work, as well as trying it over to fit in the pieces you had recommended I put in to see how well it worked. I very much appreciated the feedback.

Do you feel as though gained skills in this class?
I feel as though I have learned so much--much more than I expected. I have learned how to be an active reader, which has helped me in my job trainings and with important administrative work. I now have the confidence to write more professionally in my work and my studies. There are many other skills I've learned as well but the active reading has been a really useful skill.

I've been able to get my ideas onto paper a lot better since I took this class. I'm also getting a little better at fragments and run-ons.

I have learned so much!!! I am an active reader, a good writer, and more confident about English. I loved the freewriting as well. I'm a better reader and writer.

Yes, I feel I have gained the knowledge to understand writing a bit better. I was given so many examples, and it definitely helped. I also realized that I have been going back and reading the reader to reflect on and to help my work.