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Here are a handful of the final discussion posts from students who completed my online "Becoming a Master Student" course (CCS 221). (BTW, I have removed the kind words they added for me---it seemed like too much!) I was especially pleased by how many people said they would be keeping the textbook. It surprised me. I like the book very much and think we can all benefit from it, but I didn't expect my students to necessarily agree on that score. ;-)

What students said in their "farewell" discussion posts
It was really nice getting to meet all of you and interact for these few months. This is the best online class I ever took. It felt even better than a real classroom. I had rented my book, but I will go ahead and buy one to keep and use like a life coach, going back to it quite often to keep me on the right track.

It's been so great hearing about each person's goals, plans and interests. I have really enjoyed hearing about some of your life journeys and obstacles that you have had to overcome. I have been inspired and moved. I have learned so much in this class, and it's been fun going on the journey with you all.

WE DID IT! I wasn't sure what this class was going to be like when I signed up, but I'm very glad that I took it. I love the text book and will be holding on it and redoing it many times to come. I never would have thought a text book would make me look at my life like this one has. This has been a great and fun class. I hope that you all have a great and wonderful, safe summer!!!!!!!!!!!

I really enjoyed the text and will be holding on to it. You have helped me look into myself and see the areas that need changing. With that I also gained valuable tools and advice to carry around for the rest of my life. Thank you and God Bless.