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Here are a handful of the final discussion posts from students who completed my online "Becoming a Successful Online Student" course (CCS 124).

What students said in their "farewell" discussion posts
This online course was the best thing that could have happened to me this semester. It was so well put together. Thank you, Riba. It had all of the information I could have possibly thought of and more. It will be the foundation of my other online classes. This was a great online learning experience.

Well, it goes without saying that I would not have been able to step forward in my efforts to take online classes without this course. I am just now getting into my stride and wish that the course was a bit longer. I still have much to learn. Thank you, Riba--you make the course material interesting. I look forward to using what I have learned here. I know the techniques and tools will help me to succeed. Thank you, again.

It's been a pleasure to participate in the class with all of you! Thanks very much for sharing your perspectives. My diving back into college after 27 years has been cushioned by our sharing here. Best wishes for bright futures to us all. Big gratitude to our wonderfully supportive, very clearly instructive teacher, Riba, as well!

Thanks for having such great class! This course has been so informative and interesting. I can't believe some of the things I've learned about myself after all these years of being a college student. It has been a great pleasure taking this course and I hope to continue using the skills I learned here in the future.

This has been an invaluable experience. Thank you, Ms. Taylor, for your passion, and warmth! I will recommend not only this class, but you as an instructor. I look forward to being a student of yours again.

This class has been a very good learning experience for me. I've enjoyed "chatting" with you and the different perspectives from people. This class has helped me a lot with my online classes, and I'm taking a lot of information with me to use in the future. I wish you all well with your classes and future college experience. Riba, you have an awesome teaching strategy, and I hope I can get you for online English at a future date.

Replies to "What did you like most about this class?"
What I liked about the class was that it was informative and it provided information that could assist us in any other area of studies. The class taught us skills that are the stepping stones for achievement.

The only real comment I have about the class, is that it was very easy to navigate through the information. I loved that you had every weeks tasks in a list that could be printed and checked off manually. I think the discussions and assignments were really good and helpful as well. The instructions were very clear for every task.

What I liked about this class was how the instructions were well thought out, it was very easy for me to understand my assignments, I wish all my classes were similar in this way.

What I enjoyed the most about this class was the open communication we had with our classmates and the teacher. This class really made me feel confident.