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Welcome to the Watchman's Buffet, site #2.  I had to add this second site to store additional studies.  Please return to/visit our main site by clicking:

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When I started posting studies on the first site, I never dreamed that I would use all the available webspace with studies.  But, It happened.  So this site will not be used as a primary, but only to store additional material.  The pages here are linked from the primary site, but you can also access them from the sitebar at the top of this page

Three new Guest studies added -- Jan 2010

Ever wonder about why Christ so condemned the Pharisees?  Do you want to know why our world is so corrupted with sadists murderers and pedophiles?
Try reading this expose and its verbatum linked references to the anti-Christ religion that has for millenia sought to prepare this world for Satan.    Click below to read about --

The Talmud

The myth of the third Jewish Temple

These folks are measuring the Word carefully


"I lifted up mine eyes again, and looked, and behold, a man with a measuring line in his hand"--Zech 2:1  

NEW--- An open letter to the prince of the power of the air

See it before they censor it--The Movie-- Freedom to Fascism (go 3/4 of the way down the page and click on the black screen and play arrow)

NEW--The Stealth ID card for 2008

The vision of AA Allen

NEW--- Welcome to Babylon--TAG -- you're it

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