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The Myth of the third Jewish Temple
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The Myth of the Third Jewish Temple

The high priests of Churchianity have since roughly 1948 have been increasingly trumpeting and exponentially building on the myths of Darby, Scofield, and the Brethren movements of the 1800’s. They have many followers today among those who claim Christianity as their belief system.

Unfortunately the multitude of sheep believe with their minds the trash fed to them by the likes of Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Robert Schuler, Jack Van Impe, and myriad others who are seen on Paul and Jan Crouch’s TBN.

Why is this unfortunate? Well, mainly because the Temple of God is the mind of the individual believer. This is quite plain in 1 Cor 3:16 and 2 Cor 6:16.

The above mentioned false prophets have through their corrupt teaching influenced the message of literally thousands of individual pastors and teachers, graduates of schools such as Dallas Theological Seminary and Bob Jones and Liberty Universities. Together they are indeed bringing forth the great apostasy among the masses as prophesied by Paul and Yashua.

These false prophets are aided and abetted in furthering the apostasy by the popular fiction works of Lahaye and Ice.

Although there are many myths such as the ‘rapture’, the “seven last years” “Jesus was a Jew” , “the Jews are God‘s chosen people“ “The re-birth of Israel in 1948”, “Rome is the beast”, etc, etc, perhaps the one which is the most blasphemous and without any merit at all, is the catch phrase “Judeo-Christianity”, used to describe our heritage, they say.

The term “Judeo-Christianity” is an obvious oxymoron. This should be more than obvious to anyone who has read any one of the Gospels and/or the book of Acts. Judaism and Christianity are completely opposite belief systems.

As can be proven from any encyclopedia, there is no separation between “Judaism” and the system of traditions used by the Pharisees. The Jewish world lobby, which controls all media (including films) and all the world’s economic system through the banksters, have succeeded in hiding the roots and true nature of their anti-christ religion known to the masses as Judaism.

If one cannot see that Judaism is TOTALLY antichrist, they have definitely not read the epistles of John.

It is also obvious that the Pharisees, whose bible is the Babylonian Talmud, and not the Word of God, are the very folks who demanded Yashua be crucified. It is a blasphemous shame that the lure of money and fame has corrupted the majority of would be Christians and their ’pastors’.

As to another and very prevalent falsehood of these false prophets, that is the so-called “third temple”, I wish to draw your attention to the last attempt to build such a temple.

Afterwards, I will attempt to give you a warning, which if disregarded, will most definitely affect your well-being in both this flesh life and beyond.

To begin, here is a short treatise and references for further studies (which you can do online) of recorded history and an attempt by a Roman emperor to have the Jewish temple rebuilt. It does not have a happy ending. Many have not bothered to look into history past the writings of Josephus, who died some 200 years before the event so described below.


Julian, Roman emperor, circa 360 AD

The third prong of Julian's attack against Christianity was to discredit the very legitimacy this sect had gained in the forty-eight years before Julian assumed office. Julian laid out most of his arguments in his treatise Against the Galileans; it should be noted, in passing, that Julian was indebted to Porphyry in his composition of this work. In this work he first linked the Christians to Judaism. He then attacked the Judeo-Christian doctrine that humans as created beings were not divine.[[86]] Such a belief was anathema to traditional philosophic thought, which in general held that humans were simply a part of the divinity who had been separated due to some catastrophe.[[87]] Julian then went on to establish how Christianity was at odds with its Jewish roots, because Judaism did not acknowledge Christ, the key figure in Christian belief.[[88]] Julian asserted Judaism, though still an impious religion, was more legitimate than Christianity, because at least it was thousands of years old. He questioned how anybody could practice a religion that had only three hundred years of history behind it.[[89]] Julian put his attack on Christian ideology into practice by attempting to reconstruct the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem, which had been destroyed by the emperor Titus in A.D. 70.[[90]] Christians saw the destruction of the Temple as key event fulfilling prophecy that invalidated ancient Jewish Law and validated the New Testament.[[91]] In 363, Julian appointed Alypius to head the reconstruction of the Temple, but construction was halted due to mysterious balls of flame that kept erupting and killing the workers at the site.[[92]] Julian halted the project as he prepared for his Persian campaign, and it was never resumed.[[93]]

Here are some further references.


[[92]]This event naturally received a lot of attention in Christian sources. See Greg. Nazianz., Or. 5.3ff; Socrates, Hist. Eccl. 3.20; Sozom., Hist. Eccl. 5.22.2ff; John of Rhodes, Artemii Passio 58; Philostorgius, Hist. Eccl. 7.9; Theoph., AM 5855; Theodoret., Hist. Eccl. 3.20.4ff; Zonar., 13.12.24ff; for a fuller discussion of this event, the sources that treat it, and the state of the current scholarship on this matter, see Robert Panella, "The Emperor Julian and the God of the Jews," Koinonia, 23 (1999), 15-31; for another perspective, see Jeffrey Burnhamm Brodd, "Apostate, philo-Semite, or syncretic Neoplatonist?: Julian's intentions for rebuilding the Jerusalem temple." Ph.D. diss. (University of California, Santa Barbara, 1992)..

[[93]]Ammianus, 23.1.1-3.


So what could this mean? Are you so dense as to not understand the message of history? Daily, we have satanic inspired idiots such as Benny Hinn and their jewish apologists begging for money to “rebuild” the temple. There are literally hundreds of jewish and christian groups devoting much effort to the rebuilding.

Should they and their donors be blessed by God for such blasphemy and their refusal to accept the very plain Words uttered by Jesus to these Pharisees nearly 2000 years ago? “Your house is left unto you DESOLATE”. In 70 AD, Titus the Roman made it fact.

In about 350 AD, a rebuilding was started, which resulted in the death of the financier, who was the Roman emperor Julian, and also the death of the workers by fiery consumption. A thousand years later an Islamic Mosque was built there and today the rebuilding of the jewish temple is still impeded. It shall always be.

Now the message, at least to me is very clear. Note that it was not fire from heaven (God) which killed the workers, but fire from the EARTH. The ‘god’ of the earth is Satan. So it is Satan himself who does not wish such a temple, for he knows full well that Christians would never worship Him as God if he ‘sat’ in such an abomination. It is the Christians mind which he wishes to sit in. He does not care about deceiving the other religions including Judaism, for they already belong to him.

Thus such a temple will NEVER be built by man. It is not the will of God, nor even the wish of Satan. So, donating money to such a charade cannot result in blessings by even the god of Judaism, Satan.

It will however, result in your further deception, and perhaps much worse

Its your choice--you can watch now, or see later