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**  Children's Classes **

For the young students, there are classes for the Lil' Dragons and Beginning Level TrainingThis is an energized group whose classes will focus their learning on kicking, punching, and falling techniques.  These children also work on focus, discipline and coordination, among other things.
There are classes of Intermediate and Advanced Level Training They will focus their learning to techniques, kicks, punches, and falls.   This group will also work on focus, discipline, control and confidence.  

Character development is a primary focus for all classes at Triple Black Belt Academy.  

**   Teen's and Adults  **

For the teens and adults, there is a combined class.  This will be a fast paced physically active class that will last an hour.  


Here is our address, phone number, and the general location of our school.

Triple Black Belt Academy
3091 Georgetown St
Hazlehurst, MS  39083
We are located at the last house on
Georgetown St,
running parallel to HWY 28. 
The classes will take place in the martial arts studio in the barn.

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** New Class Schedule **

Monday Only (See calendar)

5:30 - 6:30                         TaeKwonDo Training            

Tuesday and Thursday

5:15—5:50                              Lil’ Dragons

6:05 – 7:00                            Youth/Cadets

7:10 – 8:15                          Pre-teens and Adults


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