PacBell Wireless / Cingular Wireless

The WORST cell phone company in the history of the world.  I was a subscriber for over 4 years and I've had nothing but problems with their wireless coverage service, and customer service.

The ONLY reason why I even went to Cingular the first time was their data services that they offered before any other service provider.  And needless to say, there is a reason to why you should Never sign up with the first company to provide anything.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Cingular provided GSM service.  I purchased a Motorola 2282 GSM phone that had a built in web browser and SMS.  I paid extra for this service.  I was willing to PAY for this service!  And yet after three months of purchasing this phone, at FULL Price, they had re-configured their networks and basically my phone would only work for voice services. 

It would have been nice if they had TOLD me they were changing their networks I would of held off my purchase.  If they had TOLD me I needed to have my phone upgraded shortly, I would of had NO problem with sending it in to somebody.  I had to call their "customer service" three times before they told me the correct information about my Phone over their networks. 

The first time they told me "there is nothing wrong" and it was probably just "busy" at the time I wanted to connect to the 'net. The second time they told me "I have no Idea what is wrong but I will find out and call you back."  Yeah right, I never got that call back.  The Third time, they told me I needed to send my phone in to a nearby service center so they can "upgrade" the phone with new software.  This was three weeks after I called their customer service.

Well so, they wanted me to send my phone into a customer center via postal mail and yet they were not offering me a replacement while they were trying to upgrade it.  The local store that I bought the phone did not have the equipment to do the upgrades.

So I thought it was not worth it.  So I removed the SIM card and put it into an older GSM phone and used it.  I was stuck with a year long contract and I was going to cancel afterwards.  After a year, I should of canceled my contract but unfortunately, everyone that was important to me had my cell number so I decided to stick with Cingular.  Yet, another mistake.

Enter Handspring Treo 180.  Black and white screen with a lot of "advanced" features built in.  Of course, I didn't learn the first time.  I purchased the Treo 180 (GSM) version at FULL price (and the first generation model)  because Cingular would not give me credit and they would not have it in their "inventory" for some time according to their customer service.

Fine, I buy it because I really wanted it!  Of course, in 6 months after buying it, again, Cingular made "minor" modifications to their network settings and disabled my 'net surfing from my handset.  I called customer service and they told me the first time, "There is nothing wrong with our network"
second time "There is nothing wrong with our network"
the third time "We are working on some minor issues affecting a small handful of users"
And the fourth time, "Perhaps there is something wrong with my phone."

So now I am ticked.  I go to Handspring's site, and what does it say? "Cingular wireless has made changes to their cell phone networks that disabled Treo's software for wireless connections. We are currently working with Cingular wireless... blah blah."

I was considering on buying the Handspring Treo 300 (color version).  So I did.  Handspring's Sprint Wireless CDMA version. I always tell my friends that Cingular is a bad company to be dealing with and Sprint's service exceeds in Customer Service and coverage area.  I've had my Sprint phone for almost two years now and I've never had a problem with their service.  I am getting it's signal even in places where Cingular's service never could reach.